• Step 1

    Screw your Caddie Marker™ into the top of your putter grip

  • Step 2

    Disconnect your ball marker to mark your ball

  • Step 3

    Connect your ball marker back to your Caddie Marker™

  • I used to mark my ball with a tee, and never knew the Caddie Marker was the product I needed. Now I’m marking my ball at ease, with a professional look. With a convenient spot for your marker, it doesn’t mess with your putting.

    Cole C - Honolulu, HI 
  • Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? I always lose my ball markers in my bag and wind up having to use tees or someone else's ball marker. The Caddie Marker allows me to use any custom metal ball marker and never lose it. Awesome product!

    Bobby A - Durham, NC 
  • The Caddie Marker is the most convenient ball marker holder on the market. Being able to screw it into the end of your putter ensures that you won’t ever forget your marker in your bag again. No one likes the guy that has to dig a tee into the green or walk back to the cart because they forgot their marker. The metal material is very sturdy and an amazing product all around!

    Matt S - Phoenix, AZ 
  • Before the Caddie Marker, I was going through a new marker every couple weeks. It helps keep my ball marker with me on the green and is handy when I am throwing darts. It’s firmly screwed into my putter grip so it even survives me throwing my putter back into my bag after a tough hole.

    Myles E - San Diego, CA 
  • I just bought some Caddie Markers for the golfers in my family for Christmas! Everyone loved the product and all agreed that it was the perfect idea so they never lose their ball markers :)

    Maia D - Orlando, FL